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Christmas special

Dear friends,

As Christmas approaches we wanted both to wish you all a very blessed Christmas and New Year and also to ask you to pray for a whole host of activities and needs that we have here.

  • Please pray for the Christmas service in Ferras next Friday (the 14th). We have been so blessed by a core group which has been faithfully coming and listening attentively to the Word. There have also been new faces coming in the last weeks. Pray for Will as he preaches there.
  • Pray for the two evangelistic meetings next Saturday in Fier with John Blanchard. In the morning he will be preaching to young people from Fier, Patos, Vlora, and Baltez. In the evening he will preach to adults; both our church and a sister church are working together to invite nonbelievers. Pray for him then as he preaches twice the next day in Tirana that God might sustain him physically and use him spiritually. Pray for the literature that will be given out at these meetings that God might use it powerfully.
  • Pray for the Old People’s Home Christmas meeting on the 18th of December. For the first time one of the men from our church will be preaching there. Pray that the good news will bring salvation to many.
  • Please pray also for Stiljan as he preaches in the Fier church at our Christmas service on the 23rd. This again will be the first time that one of our members has preached at Christmas for over 15 years! Pray that those invited might be touched by the gospel!
  • Pray for the children’s Christmas meetings in the Fier and Patos churches and in Fier south. Pray for Taulant and Monda and Bledi who will be preparing and leading these meetings. Pray also for Hektor as he preaches to the youth in Fier.
  • Pray for the Scripture calendars and evangelistic ladies’ magazines being distributed. Pray that the Word might penetrate hearts and minds.
  • Pray for the work among prisoners in Fier and Vlora; for special Christmas meetings, for the winter project supporting the families of prisoners who are destitute economically and for ongoing meetings.
  • Please pray for the Team Hope parcels for children that we will be distributing. Parcels will be given to children in Ferras, Suk, the Fier and Patos children’s meetings and to children of prisoners. We are supporting a project whereby a prisoner can “send” a present to his children which the church will give to the family. The prisoner writes a card to his children so that he has some dignity in giving a gift and they have joy in receiving it.
  • Please pray for the Niven family returning to the UK for Christmas and New Year period. Pray for Will’s Mum who will be having shoulder replacement on the 14th of January. Will is staying on a few weeks to help Mum after the operation.
  • Pray for Ylli and Bledi that God might sustain them and keep them and their families healthy. Pray particularly for Bela expecting a little boy towards the end of January.
  • Pray too for Taulant and Monda not only during a busy time of ministry but as they officially join the Child Evangelism Fellowship on the first of January. Pray that they will be used greatly in reaching children and young people. Pray for Taulant leading a Sunday meeting for the first time on December 30th!
  • Pray for the men in the Fier church taking responsibility for meeting while Will is away that they might meet the challenge and grow greatly through it.
  • Pray for the blind groups and their efforts for the gospel in this period. The Tirana, Durrёs and Lezhё groups have Christmas dinners at which the gospel will be presented. The blind groups in Korçё, Ersekё and Vlora are planning on giving out shoeboxes to the children of the blind.

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Wishing you all God’s richest blessing,

Will, Doreta and the family


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