The “Way of Peace” church in Patos

Summer outreach to children

We are thankful to God that we were able to hold a holiday club for children this year in the church in Patos. Despite great logistical difficulties, only a third of the team from North Hertfordshire came at the start and then a third more later on, we were able to have meetings throughout the second week of July.


Despite a slow start numbers went up to an average of 25-30 each day which is deeply encouraging considering that only 10-15 come to the regular Sunday school. Another encouragement was to be able to make contact with parents and to see a few of the teenagers get involved in the work. One of them said after the week that her understanding of the faith had deepened and that helping at holiday club had helped her to know God more.


 The Lamaj family

UTB 003

Bledi and Bela Lamaj, and their little daughter Naomi, have been born and raised in Patos. Having been saved in the Patos church they both went to university; Bledi in Tirana and Bela in Vlora. They returned to Patos, began working and later on were married. Bledi, having been called initially as church apprentice, has been set apart by the church to be church evangelist. He takes Sunday services, Bible studies, prayer meetings and is responsible for the children’s and youth work! On top of all this he also shares responsibility with Will Niven in a follow up group in the Fier prison.

Work amongst women!

For a number of years the church in Patos has been praying that God would open a door to the families who live around the church building. Just over a year ago Diana Lamkaj approached our friend and colleague, Shirley Townsend, about starting a meeting for ladies in the neighbourhood. Diana invited the ladies, organized the program and Shirley would share a study from the Word of God.



Doreta with one of the ladies

Since Shirley returned to Canada last September Diana has been persevering with this meeting along with Doreta Niven once a month. One particular joy has been to see a mother and daughter, cousins to a believer in Fier, start coming to church as a result of this group.


Family in the village of Kallm (Diana on the far left)

Another opportunity that has arisen for Diana has been with the wives of prisoners in the Fier prison. The winter project which supplies food and fuel for a limited number of families of prisoners has been a help to three families in Patos. Diana has been able not only to visit them but to have Bible studies with them. She also accompanies Doreta when visiting families in the villages.

Prayer points:

  • For Bledi and Bela and little Naomi that God would continue to bless and use them in the work in Patos
  • For the women who are meeting monthly from the neighbourhood of the church that they might come to a saving knowledge of Christ. Pray for Diana as she works with them and also with the families of prisoners in Patos.
  • For the children’s and youth ministry to know God’s blessing. Pray that many might be saved and that we would have more workers to be able to be effective in these ministries.



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