The History


It was the apostle Paul who first brought the gospel to Albania (Romans 15:19) and it is reported that Titus was present there for some time but after the second century there is no historical evidence of evangelical churches, evangelical witness or that any evangelical believers existed in Albania for some 16 centuries.

God changed everything by calling a young Albanian man in Istanbul, G jerazim Qeriazi, to himself. Qeriazi soon felt the call to preach and was employed by the British and Foreign Bible Society to translate the Scriptures into Albanian. He pioneered the first evangelical church in Albania in the town of Korça and made a deep impression on the locality before his premature death.


American Congregationalist missionaries carried the work on to the outbreak of the Second World War when they were forced to leave. Communism then enveloped the country and in 1967 Albania was declared the world’s first atheistic state. The only witness possible was by radio. The European Christian Mission faithfully broadcasted “The Way of Peace” from 1964 with years often passing without any indication whether or not someone was listening.

After the fall of communism, a flood of missionaries brought the gospel to Albania in days resembling the growth of the church in the book of Acts.


Today missionaries are still working in Albania to make the gospel known to its people.

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