The “Fjala” conference


The participants of Fjala 2016

Fjala, which in Albanian means, “the Word”, is an apt description for this annual conference which draws together Christian workers from all over the country. The conference has as its aims:

  • To provide a model of expository preaching– there is a dearth of Biblical preaching in Albania and a desperate need to give a better model of handling God’s Word
  • To give tools for ministry– many have no opportunity for seminary training and have great need for practical skills
  • To provide an opportunity for fellowship and spiritual refreshment– many workers are very isolated and discouraged in their situations and we want to provide an oasis for them

This year Fjala was organised in the northern town of Shengjin. The conference was blessed for a number of reasons:


First was the number of excellent expositions from the life of Joseph by Robert Murdock. Robert, currently serving as principal of Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh, preached Biblically, warmly and with pointed applications. His preaching also gave a good model for other preachers to follow in taking a series such as this.


Second was the special atmosphere at conference. The organising committee deliberately designed the program this year to have fewer sessions, less material to absorb and more time for discussion and application of passages. After the main talks participants broke into small groups for discussion and this brought much fruit. There was a good fellowship throughout the conference and good cooperation as tasks were shared out among many willing volunteers.


Third was the breadth of people attending conference. We were blessed that nearly 70 people attended conference this year which was a real increase on previous years. For the first time two groups came from Kosova. It was a delight to see them participating in the conference and to join an increasing number of people from places like Tirana.


Fourth, was the variety of materials that could be presented. Albert Kona presented an excellent seminar on how to preach Christ from Old Testament narratives. He sent participants away with a wad of notes and much to ponder. Will Niven was able to present a biography on the lessons of the life of John Knox for the Albanian church also.



The conference is sponsored and organized by the Albanian Evangelical Mission but for the last few years the Illyrian Gospel Trust has supported the conference financially and Will Niven has been responsible for the organization of the program. If you would like to support this work please contact the trust secretary at


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