The “Way of Peace” church of Fier

The “Way of Peace” church in Fier

Holiday club 2016

Praise God for a fruitful and blessed holiday club this year. This was the first holiday club undertaken without a team for many years. We organised two groups. In the mornings we had “God’s Little Heroes” for children 10 and under and in the afternoons we had “The Explorers.” The children looked every day at a child in the Bible who is a spiritual hero; finishing of course with the Lord Jesus Christ. In the afternoon we studied the “I am” sayings of Christ and explored who Jesus really is.

The highlights? To see seven different people teaching through the week. To see one young man really working hard to understand the text to teach the Word well. To see parents really enjoying seeing the activities. To see the harmony and the good co operation between workers. To see how work got shared out so that no one was overburdened. To hear the most remarkable testimony from a young lady, daughter of an imam, who has come to Christ in her teens. To see young people getting closer to leaders. To be able to spend time with a young man who had just lost his grandfather.

Please pray that God will keep building His church and bringing in children and young people along with their families!


We are rejoicing with three new members of the church after a wonderful baptismal service at the Seman coast. Three other churches joined in our joyful day making it even more meaningful. Taulant, Bruna and Zamira gave their respective testimonies and then passed through the waters of baptism.Then we went into the shade of the woods to worship God together. It was a wonderful opportunity to preach the Word to those who as yet do not know Christ personally. Then we had the Lord’s Supper together and enjoyed a picnic lunch.


The baptismal candidates with Will Niven


Bruna being baptised



Zamira professing her faith in Christ with Hektor and Ilir



Taulant emerging from the water!



Elton Papaciu from Seman



Worship service in the forest


The four churches together!

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