Light to the blind

Introducing “Light to the Blind”

Have you ever hear the expression, “the blind leading the blind.” That is exactly the hope for the blind community in Albania. Light to the blind is an Albanian foundation established by Albanian believers who are blind to reach out to their own community. Our aim is to proclaim the gospel to blind and partially sighted people, to integrate them into local churches and to equip them to have a full life in society. Blind people face huge prejudice in society and often live incredibly isolated lives but our desire is to see Albanian blind believers equipped to reach their own community and make a contribution to the Albanian church also.


Establishing local groups

The backbone of the work comes from local groups. Our aim is not to create something independent from the local church but to help local churches to reach out to the blind and to bring them into the life of the church. Groups in the towns of Korce, Erseke and Elbasan have been running for some years but in the last few years two groups have begun in the capital city, Tirana, one in Durres and now one in the northern town of Lezhe. New groups in Fier and Vlora are ready to start and there is interest from several northern towns.

Seminar in Erseke

One of the aims of the foundation is to equip believers with good Biblical teaching. This is done in different ways such as with a website in Albanian which has Biblical resources and sermons that can be downloaded. However we have now started offering seminars for local groups to provide a concentrated time of teaching from the Word.

The first group to avail themselves of this possibility were from Korce. The “Crossroads” camp in the nearby town of Erseke provided facilities for us to hold this seminar on the theme of repentance. Three different speakers spoke on what repentance is, what it isn’t and how to continue in it daily. After sessions groups met for discussion. There was plenty of time for activities, including a football match between blind people and local teenagers who played blindfolded!

Braille course in Korce!

The Korce group, lead by Arjan Kacimbro, have long desired to help blind people to learn Braille. Although many blind have learned Braille at the blind school in Tirana there are others who were not able to go there. Learning Braille opens a world of possibilities to them. Arjan has been teaching a group of 7 blind people of all ages, from teenagers to pensioners, from both the town of Korce and from outlying villages how to read and write in Braille using verses from the Bible which he then explains! Arjan tests the students regularly on their knowledge and they will soon finish learning the alphabet in Braille!


The Light for the Blind foundation was able to support the cost not only of materials and for transport for those living far away but also for an assistant who is sighted and helps him with this work. The course is running three times a week for three months and we hope to repeat it with more participants.



  1. Hi
    I live in the uk in Northumberland.
    I’m totally blind and have been saved since 2012 and would like to spread the news of salvation to blind and sighted a like.
    If you could let me know how I can be involved that would be grate.
    God bless

    • Dear Robert, Warmest greetings from Albania. Thank you so much for your message. It is such an encouragement to know of blind believers who are interested in helping others know more about the Lord Jesus. I will contact you by email with some of the ways that you might help. It may be possible for us to even meet you this summer as we are going to be travelling through Northumberland to Scotland. Every blessing, Will

      • Hi will I’ve just emailed you thank you regards rob

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