Gospel outreach in Vlora and beyond

Introducing the Beqiraj family

Ylli Beqiraj is a church planter by calling. Having planted a church in the town of Peshkopi in the north of Albania and worked in mobilising workers for Kosova, he moved back to his home town of Vlora in the south of Albania. He initially served as an assistant pastor in the local Baptist church and then, when the founding missionary returned to the United Kingdom, he became part time pastor of the church. He has also had experience teaching for the Albanian Bible Institute.


The Beqiraj family


Partnership with the Way of Peace churches

Ylli now is working together with the Fier and Patos churches in order to see them further established and to help them in the work of evangelism. He is leading a weekly Bible study in Fier with mature believers and is also involved in a Christianity Explored course which is designed specifically for prisoners in the local jail. Each Tuesday morning a small team goes into the prison to help the local chaplain with this course. The jail house some 400 prisoners from all over Albania and a few foreigners also.


Ylli teaching at blind camp last summer

Another area of work is in the local villages. Ylli is helping the Fier church in the villages of Ferrasi and Levan with a view to church planting work in the future.

Ylli also is involved in training in the churches. His first training seminar was on Islam and how to reach Muslims. It was wonderful to be able to invite another local church to join us and benefit from the teaching.

Work among the Roma people

Ylli oversees a church planting work among the Roma people in the villages of Mbrostar and Baltez led by Latif Katanxhiu. Latif, a well known representative of the Roma community in Albania, has established a small church in Baltez having established excellent links with the community. He has used educational courses and also a micro loans scheme to reach out into the village and has been able to start a small church work. He is repeating the same approach in the village of Mbrostar where there is a small children’s meeting and also a couple who are very open to the things of God.

Ylli writes, “I am working closely with Latif to encourage and train him as a pastor in order to plant more churches around Vlora and Fier area among Roma People. We are implementing a church planting method that is called community health   evangelism. Basically it is a development program that is geared to the actual situation where they leave and gradually bring them to personal relationship with the Lord.”

The Baptist church of Vlora

The Baptist church is emerging from a very low period of time when attendance was very poor. A number of new couples have been coming on Sundays, some of the men have shown some good signs in serving in the church and there is growth in the newly established children’s ministry. Ylli has openings in the local jail and also with a learning disabled school.

Please pray for Ylli, his wife Albana and children Lidia, Mateo, Luka and Timote. Pray that God would use them for the establishing of His church and extension of His kingdom. If you are interested in receiving prayer letters from Ylli or in supporting him financially please contact us at willniven@gmail.com



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