An appeal for workers

An appeal for workers

 The work of God in Albania is at a crucial stage. Despite the advances made in the last 23 years in church planting and development, the need for workers is both great and very urgent. Evangelicals make up just 0.4% of the population. Many villages remain utterly untouched by the gospel. In the Fier region alone there are some 102 villages which do not have any ongoing witness in them. The towns, despite having churches present among them, are often largely uninfluenced by the truth of Christ.

There is massive ignorance of the central truths of the gospel. Indeed many are ignorant even of the existence of evangelical churches. Young people, who make up a massive proportion of the population, are not being reached in a meaningful way. Mature men, who are often the key to opening up whole families, are rare in the churches. The potential for work among women, who seem to be the most open group in society, is not being fulfilled.

We appeal therefore for the sending of workers to Albania and in particular to the Fier region.

 Why Fier?

  • Fier is the second most populous region in the whole of Albania behind Tirana. If Albania is to be reached by the gospel, then one of the keys will be reaching Fier.
  • Fier is probably the fourth largest city in Albania, with a population of some 120,000 people, and is growing all the time. However it has a tiny community of believers.
  • Fier is a strategic city with major motorways linking the north and south, east and west of the country. It is a unique location which can be used for the spread of the gospel in several regions of the nation.
  • Fier is in a wonderful position geographically to be able to reach the myriad of villages which have been untouched by the gospel in the region.
  • Fier has had very little missionary activity since the fall of communism compared to the other cities of Albania.
  • Fier has an unusually small religious influence. As a new town it has no religious heritage, whether Orthodox, Muslim or Catholic, and therefore there is a huge moral and spiritual vacuum. Most people have not even a knowledge of the most basic facts about Jesus Christ let alone the gospel.

 What workers are needed?

  • We need two couples and mature single people for church planting in the town of Levan and village of Suk. Evangelistic work has begun, with volunteers from the Way of Peace church in Fier, but the need for more workers is enormous. Both of these locations have the potential to be bases from which we can reach the villages that are untouched in the area.
  • We need two couples and some single people to serve with the Way of Peace church in Fier. We need help in teaching, establishing believers in the faith, caring for and training believers with the aim of raising up local leadership. Much more could be done in terms of evangelistic effort also.

Once this church is fully established other churches need to be planted in areas of the town which do not have a witness.

  • We need at least one couple who would assist the development of the Way of Peace church in the town of Patos and help the church reach out to the village of Patos nearby.

What kind of workers are sought?

  • We are seeking servant hearted people who have a burden for the lost, a love for the church, and a desire to work with the Albanian church for the furtherance of the Great Commission.
  • We are seeking people with some experience in ministry who will be able to contribute to the ministries here as soon as possible. Ideally we are seeking church planters or those who have exercised leadership in their local church.
  • We are seeking people with gifts in preaching, teaching, evangelism and practical gifts such as English teaching or working with learning disabilities. Other areas would include youth ministry, work with women and people who are able to train others for ministry.

What can you do?

  • Pray that the Lord of the harvest will indeed send these workers. It matters not if they are ex-patriot or Albanian; we simply need help! Plead before the throne of grace for God to meet the needs of His church and His harvest fields.
  • Make this need known in the churches that you know or to people who are considering the next step in their lives or ministry.
  • Consider sending the best workers from your churches or consider coming yourself!

For more information please contact Will Niven at or at the Skype address samuel.john.niven and visit the website of the Illyrian Gospel Trust at:


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