Posted by: igtalbania | March 4, 2017

How long O Lord?

Luli is a bright, joyful believer of Christ in his early thirties. Over the last few months he has been in hospital countless times, ambulance workers have brought him back to life twice and his mother has even on one occasion begun telling close family members that he had died. He has a defect in the heart which cannot be cured or operated on but what is actually pushing him towards death is thickening of the blood. This completely treatable issue has been handled so badly that he now is severely damaged. A cardiologist that gave him a check up this week cannot believe that he is alive.

Luli is one of many, many victims of corruption in the health care system in Albania. Twice he has been admitted to hospital in Tirana only to be given a serum and sent home because he would not bribe the staff. Even this week, as he did blood tests, staff members were continually pressing him for money even though he had already paid for the tests! According to doctors the damage done to his body is now irreparable in medical terms.

This story is being repeated all over the nation. People are dying from ailments that should never take the life of someone in a country in 2017 that is applying for E.U. membership. The pressure and grief that this causes is a burden that weighs heavily on all believers in Albania. They cry like Habakkuk, “How long O Lord?”

We can see from Scripture that God will bring justice, full and final, at Christ’s return. Often we see His hand at work in the world today bringing justice too but the wait for His justice is often a painful one. Pray that God would so cause His gospel to work in this nation that not only would souls be saved but evils like that of corruption be erased! Pray that believers will not lose their hope in the Lord and will remain pure in the face of corruptive practices. Pray that God will provide ways for believers to get health care without bribery!


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